Recycling & Referral Programme

Recycling is very important and it can make a significant impact to the world and environment if we put in a little bit of effort.

This is why at Health Box we have implemented a recycling programme that can benefit you and to the environment.

Did you know 98% of of packaging are bio-degradable and recyclable!

How can I contribute?

  • Recycle microwavable boxes/ containers-  simply rinse the black boxes and cover
  • Recycle Bags–  Yes, our bags is 100% recyclable too!  Save them up and gather it all in one bag
  • Cardboard Salad /Snack Boxes– This can be recycled too- Please kindly rinse and save this up.
  • Plastic Bottles/ Cups- Kindly rinse and recycle!


Our delivery drivers will collect the packaging bi-weekly and if you do this for the whole meal plan duration, we will reward you with  1 FREE smoothie OR protein drink OR ”snack of the month” .

Remember:  It’s the little effort that counts! 😉


We love referrals!

It means you are enjoying it and you simply can’t wait to tell your friends and family what amazing achievement you have had and you want them to TRY too!

Refer a friend and they purchase 5 days or more meal plan>>> you will receive 5% off your next order!