We deliver daily to ensure all meals are fresh!

2 meals or 3 meals will be delivered together daily at your preferred time.

All Meal Plans ( excluding 1 day trail)  generally start on Mondays . If you have selected 2 Meals a day, please kindly input whether you would prefer breakfast and lunch OR lunch and dinner at checkout notes.

We source 100% grass-fed and pastured beef (from Australia), which is has less fat and calories and contains more antioxidant and vitamins, such as vitamin E and two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than meat from grain- fed animals.

We also source free-range eggs, hormone free chicken  as well as wild fresh salmon! We believe in supporting the local suppliers and community which is why most of our veggies are sourced locally.  Just like any other business out there, if our suppliers falls through on certain produce then we have to source from another supplier , but this circumstance is very rare.

We deliver Monday-Friday: 8:00 am– 10am except weekends & public holidays.  You can specify your preferred time on order page.

Special arrangements on delivery hours can be made prior to notice, please kindly contact us on Whatsapp/ e-mail.

For 1 day (trial) meal plan, please pre-order 24 hours ahead.  For 3 Days or more meal plans, please kindly pre-order 3 days ahead.  Since most of our customers usually start their meal plans first day of the week on Monday,  we ask that you place the order before Friday 12pm This is so we have time to source the freshest ingredients possible

Our delivery orders will be delivered at the preferred time you have chosen. Our logistic team will call /whatsapp prior to delivery time to confirm the drop off. If in any circumstances you are not in the office and would like us to drop it off at reception/ concierge. Please kindly let us know prior the delivery time.

You can whatsapp/ call : (+852) 61762941

At the moment, we deliver to all districts on Hong Kong Island only.  We do not deliver to Kowloon and New Territories unfortunately but we will look into opening up deliveries for this location in the near future.  =)

We use the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced to ensure the taste and quality. Not every single ingredients we use is organic, therefore we cannot claim ourselves as certified organic food suppliers.

1) Sign up/ log in to our website

2) Select the meal plan, start date, time, and pay online

3) We will confirm your order on Whatsapp/ e-mail.

4) We will cook and deliver your meal plan straight to your office


For customised meal plan, please fill in the form before purchasing.

A member of our staff will contact you to discuss about your health goals and requirements.

Meal Plans